Chicago Priest and Parishioners Burn Rainbow Flag

On September 14, Father Paul Kalchik and a handful of parishioners of the Resur­rection Catholic Church in Chicago burned a rainbow pride flag in the fire pit normally used for Easter vigil mass after cutting it into seven pieces. Father Kalchik originally announced that this event would take place on the September 29 Feast of Saint Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, but was told by the Archdiocese of Chicago not to proceed. Defying the Archdiocese’s warning, Father Kalchik went ahead anyway, saying that “in a quiet way we took matters into our own hands and said a prayer of exorcism over this thing.” In late September, the Archdiocese temporarily removed the priest, stating that he left his parish by mutual agreement “to receive pastoral care.” The Arch­diocese insisted that Father Kalchik’s removal was not directly related to his deci­sion to burn the flag, but instead was a result of “sev­eral issues in the parish” that had been ongoing for some time. Father Kalchik has previously commented that sexual abuse in the church is “definitely a gay thing.”

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