Unsung Heroes

Thank you for highlighting the compassionate work of independent abortion care provider Hartford GYN Center in your most recent article “Fake It Till You Make It,” which described the deceptive and aggressive tactics used by fake women’s health centers (a.k.a. CPCs) to deceive and harm people seeking necessary healthcare services.

Collectively, community-­based, independent clinics like Hartford GYN Center provide 60 percent of the abortion care in the United States. Because they operate as a single clinic or as a small group of clinics, they are able to be more responsive to the specific needs of their communities. Think of them like your local independent bookstore—rooted in and dedicated to serving their communities. However, also like your local independent bookstore, these clinics lack the name and brand recognition of a national organization. In fact, they are probably the most important healthcare providers most people have never heard of.

As the article highlights, with only 800 abortion clinics remaining in the United States, it’s already difficult for people to access legitimate reproductive healthcare services where they live and work. Although every provider of reproductive healthcare is under attack right now, independent clinics—whose name and brands are more easily mimicked by fake women’s health centers—are particularly vulnerable. Independent clinics must work even harder to make sure patients know who they are, where they are and that they are legitimate, quality providers.

Antiabortion extremists use fake health centers to delay or deny care to pregnant people. These fake centers are attempts to undermine the expertise of quality abortion care providers, like the members of Abortion Care Network. One of the easiest things your readers can do to ensure the people they know and love get the quality healthcare they deserve is to get to know the independent abortion care providers in their state, and to spread the word about how vital these providers are to ensuring abortion access.

Executive Director, Abortion Care Network Minneapolis, MN

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