Bad Policy and Bad Politics

As a Unitarian Universalist Minister and advocate for women’s health rights and justice, I found this latest issue of Conscience truly insightful. It was a reminder of the work we need to do even among our friends to bring everyone into the movement for justice. It is disheartening when Democrats in positions of power abandon the reproductive health of women just because they feel like it is a losing issue. Our reproductive lives are not something to be bartered away to win elections, even if this were a successful strategy to pursue. What’s more, to do so under a false perception that reproductive rights are unpopular promotes a harmful, mistaken message. Thanks to Conscience magazine for the reminder. It is up to activists to hold our politicians accountable for exactly how important these issues are to both women and men. Advocating for the health of women is both good policy and good politics.

Minister, Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation
Decatur, Georgia

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